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    The Benefits Of Neurological Occupational Therapy For Long Covid

    COVID-19 has affected our lives in more ways than one. Unfortunately, for some people who have been infected by the virus, the effects can be felt for a considerable amount of time. Many people are suffering from ‘long COVID’, meaning they are experiencing persistent symptoms linked with the infection.

    While there isn’t yet a full picture of the extent of such symptoms, a considerable number of long-term problems have been defined as cognitive related. Neurological occupational therapy services are an effective support for people with long-COVID as their experts at treating clients with neurological conditions. They will work with the clients and their support network to create a therapy plan based on their needs.

    The Impact Of Long COVID

    Long COVID, also referred to as post-COVID, has been seen to affect people in various ways.  Clients can have a wide array of persisting symptoms including physical, communicational, psychological, and cardiopulmonary symptoms. Additionally, in a lot of cases, there is a significant presence of neurological symptoms. These can include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Tiredness /  high level of fatigue
    • Difficulties concentrating
    • Impaired memory
    • Disorientation
    • Impaired visuospatial abilities
    • Agitation
    • Impulsiveness
    • Poor stamina
    • Difficulties performing day to day tasks

    Unfortunately, it isn’t clear how long such symptoms can persist. Some may be unaware that such symptoms are associated with them previously contracting COVID-19, therefore they must be informed on such possibilities and understand the help they can get to help them regain their full health.

    Rehabilitation can be undertaken with the help of a neurological occupational therapist. There are several ways in which a neurological occupational therapist can help restore a  client’s abilities as well as their well-being and health. The section below explains why neurological occupational therapy services can help and how someone may benefit from the support as a long-COVID sufferer.


    How Neurological Occupational Therapy Can Help

    While the full extent of the effects of coronavirus isn’t known, it is clear that it can induce several types of neurological symptoms. Getting the help of a neurological occupational therapist can help manage and improve the neurological symptoms resulting from COVID. The rehabilitation programme established will be designed to assess the client’s symptoms and improve the important areas that need attention.

    Neurological rehabilitation can help improve function and reduce symptoms associated with diseases, disorders, and injuries to allow clients to be able to carry out work and day-to-day activities normally. From managing your current condition to establishing exercises to help improve your symptoms, the detailed programme will help bring the client back to their optimum health and abilities. They will be aided in the re-acquirement of previous skills and prevent any further deterioration. This can include work on impaired motor functions, cognitive skills, self-care, domestic, leisure and vocational activities. All aspects of the client’s physical, mental, and environmental well-being are taken into consideration to ensure they have the most suitable plan for the client. The plan is aimed at independence and helping the client resume life as normal as possible. If you would like to find out more about how Independent Rehabilitation Services can help someone with long COVID, get in touch on 07890 696149 or head over to our contact page for more details.