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    Testimonials For Psychology & Occupational Therapy

    Over the years, the team at Independent Rehabilitation Services (IRS) has supported many individuals to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We have worked with clients who have lower limb disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and many more challenges. Through our team’s specialist support and our client’s inspirational hard work, our clients have achieved some amazing things.

    Explore some of our testimonials from clients and other therapists and psychologists we have worked with below.

    Our Clients’ Stories | What Do People Say About IRS?


    Haydn acquired a serious brain injury in April 2018, was discharged from hospital in October 2018, and needed rehabilitation in the home and elsewhere. Angela, one of IRS’s dedicated occupational therapists, was recommended to him by the charity Headway based in Leicester to provide support.

    Angela got to know Haydn to help establish clear goals with his input and put the steps in place to achieve them. Angela’s contribution was essential in Haydn’s transition from hospital to home and then being able to develop a safe and good quality way of life. 

    “Angela is a professional, knowledgeable, compassionate therapist who worked with Haydn, his family, a case manager, and a therapeutic team to shape and deliver Haydn’s care and rehabilitation. We trusted Angela implicitly and her work was foundational to Haydn’s continuing rehabilitation. Someone we won’t forget.”


    “Birgit has been my Occupational Therapist since I was discharged from spinal cord injury rehab in May 2019. Birgit is extremely professional with a very friendly approach and can-do attitude.”

    “Right from the start Birgit gave me and my family confidence that she could support us to live as normal a life as possible and was full of advice on not only the essentials I needed but also about hobbies, travel, and more on the fun side of life.”

    “Birgit has helped me find solutions to a range of issues from sourcing day-to-day equipment such as shower chair and washroom aids to getting me back to driving independently.”

    “Birgit’s knowledge and positivity were always very reassuring. I always felt comfortable discussing my needs with her and she would always go above and beyond to find the best solutions.”

    “I would 100% recommend Birgit’s services.”

    Robena Dhadda (Speech & Language Therapist)

    “Having worked with several occupational therapists in my career, I fully respect and value their instrumental input in the rehabilitation journey of brain injury survivors. However, In no uncertain terms, Birgit (an occupational therapist at IRS) is in a league of her own.” 

    “I am often in awe of her knowledge, skills, and innovative input. She knows her clients extremely well and it really shows in the outcomes that she achieves. Birgit is the first occupational therapist who comes to mind when anyone asks for a recommendation. Keep up the fantastic work Birgit. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.”

    David Flanagan (Associate Slater and Gordon)

    “I have worked with Birgit for almost 4 years in both her role as an OT and also as a Case Manager. Birgit is driven by her passion for her clients to live the best possible life and will do everything possible to achieve this. I have no reservation in referring further clients to Birgit.”

    Dr. Maggie Cork (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)

    “I have known and worked with Birgit in her professional capacity as a specialist neurological occupational therapist over several years. We worked together as core members of a multidisciplinary clinical team, and our work was centred upon supporting a young woman with multifaceted and highly complex needs.”

    “It was a true pleasure to work with Birgit. She brings energy and creativity to her work which is hugely positive and very inspiring. When working together with our client, no issue or challenge was an obstacle for Birgit. Her inventive and insightful approach helped us as a team to discern the best way through the complexity at all times.”

    “Birgit is highly professional and exceptionally insightful. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

    Rob Wickham (Director Wheelchair Series)

    “Having worked with Birgit for many years, we have always found her to go above and beyond to achieve the best possible solution for her clients. Her professionalism, matched with her enthusiasm and positivity makes her a pleasure to work with.”

    Lisa Barnes RGN

    Lisa is an independent registered general nurse, care expert, and clinical case manager.

    “Birgit has provided OT support for a number of my case management clients. She is reliable, responsive, and intuitive. She can build an instant rapport with clients, and gain their trust.”

    “Her assessments are comprehensive and detailed, and her subsequent reports with recommendations are always excellent. She never fails to come up with brilliant ideas for how problems can be overcome and are never one to be beaten. If there is a solution to a problem, Birgit will always find it!”

    “Birgit is highly experienced, capable, confident, and has a refreshingly positive approach to her vocation. My clients and I have very much enjoyed working with her, and the results of her input and work are plain to see within a short time of her commencing input. I highly recommend Birgit, and would not hesitate to work with her again.”

    Rose Aknai (Case Manager, Anglia Case Management)

    “I am working with Birgit to support 2 clients. One of whom has suffered a spinal cord injury, the other complex orthopaedic injuries with possible mild TBI.”

    “Birgit quickly established a good rapport with them. Birgit is very resourceful and has many ways to progress clients, for example, salt dough to increase fine finger dexterity, outdoor walks to progress hiking stamina, recommending an appropriate desk set up to reduce pain and fatigue for a client working from home.”

    “Birgit is flexible in her approach to the clients, working at their pace and ensuring she is working on goals which are most meaningful to them, thereby getting the best outcomes.”

    Mary Goulty (Services Director Leicestershire, Leicester, and Rutland Headway)

    “Occupational therapy is a massively important part of the effective rehabilitation of brain injury survivors and Angela’s work with Headway Leicester clients has proven just how crucial this is.” 

    “Angela works in partnership with us on the ongoing recovery and rehabilitation of our members, providing professional advice and solutions to assist in our therapeutic activities, particularly with complex challenges.”

    “Angela enables the Headway team to support individuals with a more targeted approach which can improve outcomes.”

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