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    Here at IRS, our dedicated team offers a variety of rehabilitation services which we tailor to each client. We aim to improve an individual’s independence and quality of life.

    The main services we offer include:

    • Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Psychology
    • IT Support Services

    We approach all of our services with a holistic approach. This is because we want to support as many different individuals as possible in both clinical and domestic environments.

  • Our team offers occupational therapy, neurological OT and neuropsychological rehabilitation as well as upper limb rehabilitation. We treat individuals who have experienced a traumatic, acquired or congenital brain injury. We also treat individuals who have spinal injuries and orthopaedic problems or amputations.

    Our aim of treatment is to optimise an individual’s recovery and maximise their ability to engage in everyday function with or without support. We support individuals in returning to functional activities that are important to them. As clinicians we assess risks as part of our assessment and interventions and offer a positive client centred risk management plan.

    We take a holistic approach to assessment and treatment considering physical, cognitive and executive difficulties, mental and social well-being, as well as environmental factors. This enables our clinicians to create a client centred treatment plan which best meets our client`s needs.

  • Treatment Process

    • Assessment – using standardised and non-standardised methods. Holistic client centred assessment enables us to gather comprehensive information relating to an individual’s difficulties, needs, requirements, strengths and goals.
    • Client centred goal setting – agreeing and setting meaningful, realistic and appropriate goals. Goals are SMART, monitored and reviewed.
    • Treatment – Provision of therapy appropriate to an individual’s needs. Treatment approaches are tailored to an individual’s needs following comprehensive assessment.
    • Review/update – A complete and thorough review including the individual, their family and their carer(s), other therapy members if appropriate will allow objective and subjective feedback/re-assessment/evaluation of treatment progress to date to achieve an individual’s goals or advance goals when appropriate.
  • Treatment Phases

    We aim to use appropriate treatment approaches which can include rehabilitative, compensatory, biomechanical or re-learning. We work to a neuro-behavioural evidence based model of rehabilitation and scientific principles.

    We consider how an individual functions in their home, local environment as well as the wider community. We support and encourage participation and integration in activities of daily living (personal and domestic), including leisure, hobbies and work activities.

  • Finding Solutions

    We can help individuals who experience a wide range of difficulties. Our goal is always to help an individual achieve greater independence and quality of life.

    Rehabilitation programmes are graded, allowing an individual to commence treatment slowly and build up at their level of engagement and ability to engage. We are specialists in assessing and advising on equipment needs. We can also support individuals with vocational rehabilitation and will communicate with employers, as well as provide training to families, carers and support workers.

    At IRS we have an experienced, approachable and dynamic team of clinicians, including specialist neurological occupational therapists, clinical neuro psychologist and IT consultant. If you are someone or know someone who could benefit from our professional support, please give us a call today.


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At IRS, we help a diverse range of individuals, so contact us today to find out how we can offer support. Feel free to give us a call on 07966 369647. Or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page for more information straight away.



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