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    Occupational Therapy With IRS Rehab & The Use Of Biometric Ltd E-Link

    Independent Rehabilitation Services team features occupational therapists who have a wide range of knowledge, skills, and expertise to treat people who have experienced a neurological event. Our team has extensive experience supporting clients with a brain injury or who need occupational therapy treatment as a result of other neurological illnesses or physical injury. The Biometric Ltd E-Link is an innovative device we use to support our clients to achieve their goals.

    Angela, an occupational therapist for over 20 years has a diverse range of knowledge and experience using the Biometric Ltd E-Link as part of therapeutic treatment for her clients.

    What Is The Biometric Ltd E-Link? 

    The Biometric Ltd E-Link is a comprehensive computerised system that attaches to a laptop enabling Angela to use the device in our clients’ homes or other environments, such as day centres. The E-Link is not only portable and easy to assemble but it also provides a thorough and objective assessment of limbs and can be used while the client is standing or sitting down. Angela mainly uses the E-Link to support clients with upper limb rehabilitation.

    The E-Link consists of various tools and sensors including a dynamometer used to measure and practice grip strength, a pinch metre that can measure various types of pinch, and a resistive control unit (RCU). The RCU offers a wide range of tools that when assembled to the unit enable a client to practice specific functional movements of the hand and arm. Typical movements include raising the arm, holding handles of various sizes to turn just as if you were using a door handle or gripping a handle on a walking frame, and/or movements similar to holding a key.

    The smallest of measurements or range of movement can be detected on the system and measurements are recorded on the E-Link. This is the starting point of treatment.

    Why Occupational Therapists Use The Biometric Ltd E-Link

    The occupational therapy process is completed with every patient. A thorough and comprehensive interview and baseline assessment using the E-Link is essential to identify with the client where difficulties exist and how occupational therapy can help.

    Using the E-Link also increases the range of treatment modalities Angela can offer a client as part of their rehabilitation and occupational therapy treatment plan. Alongside the use of this system, there is often a treatment plan which includes other exercises and/or functions to improve active movement and strengthening of limbs. The return to functional activities of daily living is paramount for many clients who want to achieve a greater level of independence. Achieving this can have a positive effect on a client’s quality of life.

    A client who on assessment had a grip strength of 1 kg used the E-Link dynamometer as part of a therapeutic treatment plan which also included the practice of key functional skills which were important to the client. Over 14 months, grip strength peaked at 10 kg. The client is now able to engage in a wider range of functional activities including holding a mobile phone, unscrewing lids from jars, and holding and stabilising objects, resulting in a greater level of independence.

    Another client used the E-Link to help rehabilitate a weak arm and hand following a stroke. The client was especially keen to see objective measures which clearly showed he was making progress. This was achieved by evaluating data held on the system and by upgrading the treatment plan this client felt he was being appropriately challenged using the E-Link. The client was able to see steady improvement which motivated him to continue other repetitive exercises and functions as part of a treatment plan. Grip strength improved from 9.5 kg to 15.6 kg over a period of weeks. The client was able to return to playing golf and engaging in cooking tasks that he had previously enjoyed prior to the stroke.

    Clear outcome measures enable Angela and clients to monitor the progress of active movement and strength of limbs over time. The E-Link also provides objective and standardised information regarding a client’s progress which is vital in communicating how rehabilitation is going. Angela can review and evaluate treatment using the E-Link and either increase activity making treatment more challenging or if necessary reduce the activity level for the client.  This type of treatment approach is often needed when consistent repetitive movement is required as part of therapy.

    The E-Link offers a wide range of fun computer activities that also require a client to use attention or concentration skills. Clients can also practice their reaction times and sustain high levels of concentration and skill during each session.  

    Clients using the E-link have ranged from 9 years of age to 89 years of age, and all relate they enjoy using the E-Link which is always used under the supervision of Angela.


    If you would like to know more about the Biometric Ltd E-Link or would like to discuss whether the E-Link may help you or your clients, give Angela a call on 07890696149 or head over to our contact page for more details.