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Neurological & Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

IRS offers client centred neurorehabilitation which aims to improve an individual’s independence and quality of life.  Neurological rehabilitation is a process using a range of treatment approaches.  Our clinicians work in a timely manner with an individual considering the task and the environment.

  • Holistic assessment process

    This involves our clinicians identifying an individual’s difficulties and needs through a detail assessment process. Clinicians will assess using client interviews, standardised assessment tools and will use functional assessments. Following a comprehensive assessment our clinicians will be able to discuss and agree meaningful goals with an individual, their family and carer(s) as appropriate.

  • How We Help

    Occupational therapists, neuro clinical psychologist and IT consultant will work alongside individuals with empathy and compassion. Clinicians agree with individuals an appropriate treatment approach which helps them achieve their goals in the home and/or local community.
    We work with individuals who have:

    • Traumatic/acquired/congenital brain injury
    • Stroke
    • Parkinsons
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Motor Neurone Disease and other neurological conditions
    • Spinal injuries
    • Orthopaedic difficulties
    • Dementia
  • What We Can Do

    • Assist and support individuals with ongoing cognitive rehabilitation following a brain injury to improve attention, memory, information processing, executive functioning and perceptual skills
    • Assist and support individuals with ongoing physical rehabilitation to improve mobility, strength, stamina, coordination and fine motor skills of upper limbs and where appropriate assess and advise on appropriate compensatory aids
    • Assist and support individuals with appropriate home adaptations. We will also carry out comprehensive risk assessments
    • Assist and support individuals with neuro psychological help in particular with adjustment and awareness difficulties
    • Provision of training and education to individual’s, carers and or support workers to aid understanding of difficulties and/or conditions enabling care to be specific and appropriate
    • Assist and support individuals to use information technology effectively using a wide range of mainstream or adapted devices as appropriate

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