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“Our main aim of intervention is to maximise an adults' independence in all aspects of daily living, thereby providing quality of life.”

Angela Gordon - Grad. IPM, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc Occupational Therapy

Independent Rehabilitation Services In & Around Leicester

Our team at IRS offers a choice of rehabilitation treatments in Leicester that we tailor for each client. To increase an individual’s quality of life and level of independence, we employ a holistic approach to the support we offer. We address people’s needs in domestic and clinical settings with treatment to provide inclusive rehabilitation services.

Clinical Psychologist Leicester

Our team of clinical psychologists in Leicester provides effective treatments suited to our clients. Our clinical psychologists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioural, mental, and emotional illnesses. To identify an individual’s challenges and develop meaningful goals, we employ a holistic approach. We work with clients, their families, and their careers through an individualised treatment plan to achieve their objectives.

Counselling Psychology Leicester

Our Leicester team specialises in counselling and psychology. We’re compassionate, caring, and are experts at helping people with psychological and personal issues. With counselling and psychological support, IRS encourages and helps service users to overcome their challenges.

Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Leicester

Individuals with an acquired brain injury (ABI) or a progressive neurological condition (PNC) can benefit from our neurobehavioral rehabilitation in Leicester. When a person has a neurobehavioral disability, they may have cognitive and behavioural changes as well as physical challenges. Our experts at IRS can assist individuals in coping with and reducing the impact of developed behaviours due to an ABI or PNC.

Neurological Rehabilitation Leicester

Individuals may see cognitive changes following an acquired brain injury (ABI) or progressive neurological condition (PNC). Clients can improve their attention, information processing, memory, perception, and executive functioning skills with the help of our neurological rehabilitation services in Leicester. To aid rehabilitation, we use a tailored and holistic approach to treatment for each client.

Occupational Therapy Leicester

Our occupational therapy services at IRS help people of all ages overcome disabilities caused by illness, accidents, or ageing. We take a comprehensive approach to assisting our clients in improving their overall quality of life and independence. Our team evaluates all of our patients’ needs to assist them in achieving meaningful goals.

Private Rehabilitation Leicester

Our private rehabilitation team in Leicester provides bespoke treatment plans designed to maximise an individual’s recovery. Our mission is to assist our clients in improving their quality of life, independence, and overcoming or coping with whatever obstacles they may be facing as a result of an injury or illness. We assess the individual’s needs and develop a client-centred plan to provide the best possible support.

Psychology Leicester

At IRS, our team offers support to individuals through neurological and cognitive therapy. We help our customers understand whatever changes they are experiencing as a result of an illness or injury by providing psychology services. We collaborate with the individual and their caregivers to better understand their obstacles and assist them in achieving meaningful objectives.

Psychotherapy Leicester

Individuals with mental illnesses and emotional difficulties can benefit from our psychotherapy services in Leicester. Psychotherapy helps people adapt and modify their behaviour and resolve their challenges. To improve our clients’ well-being and quality of life, our expert team uses a holistic approach that provides tailored treatment plans to each individual.

IRS offers a wide range of support services to a variety of clients. Our team always provides therapies that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients to improve their health and quality of life. Find out more about the support services we provide in Leicester by calling 07966 369647 or visiting our contact page.

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This is a personal account of how Occupational Therapy helped Helen to return to purposeful activity.

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