Enabling Independence and Quality of Life

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"I enjoy assisting clients to become confident and more competent in using everyday technologies to overcome their difficulties demonstrating the capabilities of modern devices to assist them in their everyday life."

Bill Young - ITConsultant

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IT Services

IT support to help a wide range of people with disability to use technology to achieve their goals and optimum level of independence.


  • IT Services

    Technology can be a vital part of our lives and can assist us in many ways. Our IT consultant will aim to support individuals to relearn skills with technology as well as develop new skills to support their independence. Our IT consultant also supports individuals in their everyday interactions with technology from communication, managing functional activities, leisure, work and travel.

    For an individual with a disability, the use of technology can enable greater independence and quality of life. We help support individuals with their use of mainstream technology and will advise on adapted devices and aids where appropriate. With the right support and guidance, technology can improve an individual’s independence and quality of life.

    The team at IRS work alongside each other to develop strategies for implementing positive technology uses into an individual’s everyday routine. We can work with a variety of individuals, as well as other clinicians and professionals.

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    Services We Offer

    At IRS, we offer a variety of clinical and support services which include technology and IT support. We also provide occupational therapy specialising in neurological and neuropsychological rehabilitation. We strive to provide the same exceptional support:

    • Comprehensive assessment of an individual’s needs and appropriate treatment working with client centred goals.
    • Full collaboration and integration throughout the rehabilitation process.
    • Appropriate training on how to use different forms of technology.
    • Ongoing, bespoke support for your needs and requirements.
    • Support and development of existing solutions and technology equipment.
  • How to Gain Independence through the use of IT

    IT can be a powerful and meaningful tool, especially for people living with a disability. Through the use of technology, individuals can improve their independence and overcome challenges they have experienced as a result of illness, injury or disability.

    At IRS, our team provides solutions that help individuals work through practical difficulties. This may include use of technology and IT, as well as with occupational therapy and psychology services. By working as a team and combining our skill sets, we create meaningful goals and implement effective solutions for individuals. We improve an individual’s ability to engage in everyday activities and use IT enabling them to effectively communicate with others.


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