• Invaluable

    I first met Angela Gordon in February 2018 when I was in the relatively early stages of recovery from a severe Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (SAH) which occurred in November 2017.  I subsequently developed Hydrocephalus which required a Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) Shunt insertion in March 2019 which was revised by further surgery in November 2019.

    Notwithstanding the physical challenges of recovering from the initial SAH the biggest problem was the subsequent and crippling fatigue accompanied by very poor stamina. I also had major problems with short-term memory, face recognition, concentration, divided attention issues and the inability to learn and retain new information and a complete lack of confidence. All these skills and attitbutes are essential in my employment as a Corporate Account Director working for one of the UK’s largest independent Chartered Insurance Brokers. It therefore become very apparent that my recovery was going to be very challenging and given my desire to return to my pre SAH employment I was going to need a great deal of assistance and support in achieving my objectives.

    My first meeting with Angela involved a detailed assessment and a bespoke rehabilitation programme was recommended and prepared. This programme involved education, advice, and worksheets to use at home, involving use of everyday items such as reading books/magazines, listening to the radio, and even playing games. Every task was an interesting challenge and I looked forward to Angela’s visits to talk through my progress and to find out what would be coming next. Angela was always patient with me and often spent longer with me than scheduled, never did I feel under pressure or silly for not making as much progress as I had hoped. I often felt I was her only patient, never under pressure or rushed.

    In my experience Angela is an excellent Neurological Specialist Occupational Therapist. Her dedication and attention to a patient needs are exceptional.  From the very first moment I met Angela it was very apparent that she is a person who would never compromise her professionalism and her approach is very sincere and personal with a very kind manner. She is clearly very passionate about her vocation driven by a desire to make a difference to a patient’s life and to give support in setting and achieving realistic objectives and goals.

    Angela’s expertise and practical assistance have been invaluable in aiding my recovery and now 2½ years since the SAH my life has significantly returned to normality in both my personal and working lives and my confidence has returned.  My physical health is now very good and furthermore there is a complete absence of problems with my short-term memory and cognitive functions which were particular problems in the early stages when recovering from the SAH.  My story has a “fairy tale” ending and Angela has played a significant role as my Occupational Therapist during this time. Angela was always there to help me to keep faith in my ability to recover and always promoted a “think positive” attitude.

    One of the most powerful things I’ve experience in sharing my story is that it allows people to step forward and seek help. Reading or hearing about someone who has gone through similar traumas and making it to the other side lets you know that it is possible, you are not alone and there is help for you.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Angela to any patient or family in need of an Occupational Therapist. To Angela, on a personal note, to have this effect in someone in a situation like mine is very special – I am immensely grateful thank you!

    With love and appreciation.

    Garry Withers