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    Returning To Work After A Brain Injury

    Brain injuries can be caused by a number of incidents, including car accidents, sports injuries, and falls. Recovery from a brain injury varies from person to person, and can take months or even years. For some people, returning to daily activities is an important part of the recovery process so if you are considering returning to work after a brain […]

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    Assistance During Travel For Individuals With Disabilities/Passenger Assist

    When preparing to travel, many individuals with disabilities face unique challenges. This article will provide an overview of some information to help travellers with disabilities make their trips as smooth and hassle-free as possible. It will also touch upon how rehabilitation can aid those living with disabilities to travel with greater ease and independence.  How Does Passenger Assist Work? ‘Passenger […]

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    Testimonials For Psychology & Occupational Therapy

    Over the years, the team at Independent Rehabilitation Services (IRS) has supported many individuals to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We have worked with clients who have lower limb disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and many more challenges. Through our team’s specialist support and our client’s inspirational hard work, our clients have achieved some amazing things. Explore some of […]

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